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Where is Eboli?

Southern Italy about 80kms from Naples.

How did members of the Royal Yugoslav Army end up in Eboli?

The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was invaded in April 1941 by Nazi Germany and was quickly carved up into various zones of occupation. By January 1945 forces loyal to King Petar II (Karageorgevich) marched towards Slovenia and the Italian border. On the 6th May 1945 Royal Yugoslav forces handed over arms to Allied forces at Palmanova. The vast majority were combatants (and families) of the Dinaric Chetnik Division led by Field Marshal (vojvoda) Momčilo Djujić. These forces spent several months in Cesena and Forli in northern Italy (near Ravenna) and by September 1945 were transported to Eboli were they would stay until April 1947.

How many people were in Eboli from September 1945 to April 1947?

Approximately 14,000 people about 80% military personnel, the remainder women and children.

Where did all these people go after 1947?

Most of the inhabitants were moved to Germany. Single men mostly to Munster and married couples and children to Fallingbostel, Seerdorf, Bocholt, Borghurst, Grossenbrode and many more camps throughout Germany. By 1948 many individuals and families migrated throughout Europe, North America and Australia. Very very few returned to Communist Yugoslavia.

What were conditions and life like in Eboli?

Southern Italy has a moderate climate and the inhabitants had relative freedom and could move from the camp to Eboli town centre. Accomodation was mostly canvas tents and nissen huts, schools, playing fields, churches, hospital and a theatre were all established on the camp site and used extensively. A home away from home was created: weddings, births, celebration of Slava and more than 90 deaths all took place. Initially most felt they would return to their towns and villages. However, after the execution of Gen. Draza Mihailovic in July 1946 by Tito, it was soon apparent a return “home“ would be unlikely.

Can I share my collection of Eboli photos?

Of course, click on the tab “Submit Your Content” and upload. Please include names, events or places if known.

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