Eboli Camp 1945-1947 a photographic history


After World War II the town of Eboli in southern Italy was the site of one of the largest displaced persons camp housing members of the Royal Yugoslav Army and families. “Eboli Camp 1945-1947 a photographic history” records everyday life in this camp of 14,000 inhabitants.

The Serbian inhabitants of this camp, choose life, “outside of the homeland” and would become the new core of Serbian Orthodox Christianity in the diaspora. Written in Serbian and English with 200 photographs capturing the life of its inhabitants this book is the first of its kind and has been well researched and documents, through photographs, the life and struggle of its inhabitants. The book is available now for $50.00 AUS (plus postage within Australia $12, Internationally $35). Regretfully international postage charges are expensive for a book of 750 grams. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Parish Project Fund.


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